Petroleum coke in Saudi Arabia-Bhagvati Coal Movers Pvt. Ltd

Petroleum coke, petcoke, abbreviated coke is a high carbon solid extracted from the deep refinery of crude oil. Petcoke is a kind of fuel which is also referred as coke. It is derived from a thermal process which is an engineering chemical process because of which the huge carbon chains get split into small chains.

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There are various kind of petroleum cokes based on different size, micro-structure, usage, and quality. Bhagvati Coal Movers Pvt. Ltd is one out of the best and leading importer, exporter, distributor, and trader of petroleum coke in Saudi Arabia , USA, and India since 1994. The company grew under the expert guidance of Mr. Krishan Kumar Jain. We serve coals varying from High-Grade Steam Coal to Low-Grade Slack Coal depending upon the requirement of the client and grinding quality of coke.

The solidity of petcoke is defined in terms of Hard Grove Index (HGI), which shows how solid the product is and how difficult it would be to grind the item to turn it fine. Being the best supplier of petcoke in Saudi Arabia, India, USA  we deliver the high quality product.