Leading petcoke suppliers in India- Bhagvati Coal Movers

Bhagvati Coal Movers Pvt. Ltd is the one out of the best leading companies of coal and petcoke. We are the chief  importer, exporter and supplier of pet coke in Saudi Arabia, USA and India. We stand among authorized and trusted  pet coke suppliers in India and had secured our image in more than 500 area in the countries we supply our product. We serve the demand of more than dozen industries and retailers dealing with coal and petcoke.

All product delivered by Bhagvati Coal Movers are quality tested and we do ensure that our clients get best product on time according to their needs.

Petroleum coke is result product of oil refining process. Refineries worldwide are premeditated to extract high quality fuel more effectively from each drum of raw petroleum which further help in extraction of petroleum coke (strong leftover carbon known as Petcoke at the bottom of barrel). It is delivered after going through the fine process of thermal cracking of vacuum which is generated after the processing of raw petroleum in refinery .Coking is a warm breaking process portrayed by creation of Petcoke, a substantial carbon deposit