Bhagvati Coal Movers-Suppliers of petroleum coke

Bhagvati Coal Movers is committed to deliver high-quality products since 1994. We are the best petroleum coke Suppliers in India, US, Saudi Arabia and Jubail. Apart from these places we have a huge network. We transport pet coke by the means of substantially stacked trucks. We have created our image in our industry by delivering high grade and quality products. It is coal or petroleum coke, Bhagvati Coal Movers offers both the product and for those who are in the dilemma we suggest best products according to their requirement.

The maximum number of people are not clear about the difference between petroleum coke and coal. We majorly focus on thermal or steam coal. Petroleum coke is generally known as petcoke. It is a carbonaceous solid extracted from refinery coker units of oil or through other breaking forms like thermal process.Other cokes have customarily been extracted from coal.Petcoke is made up of more than 92% carbon and effuses approx. 5-10% carbon dioxide as compared to coal on the basis of per unit energy. more The coke can be of two categories, either be fuel grade i.e high in metal and sulfur or it can be Anode grade which means low in metal and sulfur. The raw form of coke derived straightway from cocker is known as green coke in common terms.

We not only supply Our products at PAN India level, we target our audience globally. Bhagvati Coal Movers is the best petroleum coke Suppliers in India and other places deliver the best product as demanded by the client.